Teacher Development

Teacher training will be focused on achieving accurate student performances in Chinese. The ability to create the foundation skills and provide the communication opportunities for students of Chinese is the goal of the teacher training program. The first step is to work with the Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology and Schools of Education at Miami University and Cleveland State University, the Ohio Department of Education, school districts, and relevant Chinese agencies to provide a training pipeline leading to State of Ohio licensure for Chinese language K-12 teachers. This includes short-term and exceptionally scheduled training sessions as well as regular degree programs.

Dr. Walker speaking HS teacher training

To help those who are teaching or plan to teach Chinese but do not have a license, we are working with the ODE Office of Educator Licensure to help them request an alternative educator license. For more information, see Q&A of Alternative Educator License in Ohio.

In addition to providing Ohio schools with qualified Chinese language teachers, we will help define procedures for the acceptance of Ohio credentials by the education systems of other American states. By cooperating with the relevant Chinese agencies, we will work to integrate both American and Chinese teacher training traditions so that teachers from both countries can effectively function in each other's programs.

Dr. Noda and graduates Hanban teachers

We are collaborating with SPEAC (Summer Programs East Asian Concentration) at OSU, which has been offering training programs for teachers for 12 years. 2007 will mark a major year for SPEAC as it plans to collaborate with CLASS to begin offering a program specifically designed for K-12 teachers of Chinese. SPEAC-CLASS K-12 Chinese teacher-training program promises to provide hands-on training for sound professional development. More information will become available on the SPEAC website soon.