We will work with any Ohio schools that are interested in offering or planning to offer the Chinese language and culture program. We will provide a variety of services to selected Ohio schools from pre-K to grade 12 that are committed to offering Chinese language programs. Our services will increase over time. The primary areas of our services are in the development of curriculum, teachers and technology. Other areas include Distance Learning, Community and Corporate Relations, and Resources for teachers.

Curriculum Development: To develop proficiency-based and age appropriate K-12 curricula for non-heritage students. more >

Teacher Development : To provide short-term training, continuous professional development, and ongoing support for K-12 teachers.
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Technology Development: To connect schools, teachers and students in Ohio and with China. more >

Resources for teachers: To provide electronic resources that can be downloaded or replayed to help with classroom teaching or activities. more >

Community and Corporate Relations: To connect heritage communities with schools that have Chinese programs, and to partner with corporations to sponsor innovative programs. more >