Community and Corporate Relations

Goals of Community Relations

  • Develop partnership with Chinese heritage communities and heritage schools to increase the accessibility of their talents and resources to the general public;
  • Connect Chinese heritage schools in major cities of Ohio with local K-12 schools with Chinese language programs for mutually beneficial partnerships. Building collaboration between Metro High School and Ohio Contemporary Chinese School. May 16, 2007 OSU staff with Education Counselor Ai Fanglin on May 19, 2007

Goals of Corporate Relations

  • Develop partnership with corporations to raise supplementary funds to support the Chinese language programs for K-12 and adult learners;
  • Contribute to the Ohio economy by connecting foreign language education and global business opportunities.
  • For more information, please go to the Corporate Partnership brochure.


  • We will create a separate webpage for corporate relations in order to
    • Raise supplementary funds for K-12 Chinese language programs;
    • Provide internship opportunities for young adult learners of Chinese; and
    • Offer technical assistance to corporations with business operations and interests in China.
  • For a summary of opportunities for learning Mandarin Chinese, read Learning Chinese as a Business Opportunity for Ohio (The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program staff, December 2006)
  • For more information about learning foreign languages and cultures and the impact on economy, visit the Ohio Language Summit.