With support from the federal government, OSU has become one of the three centers to host regional Language Summits in order to determine a national strategy for foreign language study. The Ohio Language Summit is organized by the OSU Chinese Flagship Program and Educational Council. The first part of the summit was held on June 28 (limited to invitees only) and the second part is an open forum to be held on October 25, 2007. Business, government, civic and educational leaders are brought together to help shape state and national strategic policy relating to foreign language proficiency. For more information, visit Ohio Lanaguage Summit or contact Patrick McAloon at

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OSU and ODE co-hosted the first statewide conference on K-12 Chinese last December. It attracted more than 200 administrators from Ohio schools and districts and led to more schools starting Chinese programs in this school year. The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program and ODE are planning on the second annual conference on December 12, 2007, in Hagerty Hall on OSU campus. The target audience will be school / district administrators, curriculum directors, and foriegn language coordinators. The conference theme will continue to be Making the Global Connection: Linking Students and China in the 21st Century. In addition to general session, we plan to organize more breakout sessions in two tracks: one for schools already operating a Chinese program, and one for schools planning to start a program. The conference announcement with a specific agenda is being sent to all Ohio schools and K-12 education entities soon. Registration through the STARS system at ODE will begin on November 1st and end on November 30th. For further information, please revisit our website or contact Kun Shi at

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During the 2007-08 school year, sixteen visiting teachers from Hanban will teach Chinese in Ohio’s public schools. At least three other visiting teachers from China are working for private schools in Ohio. Eleven new visiting teachers will participate in a week-long orientation organized by ODE. The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program hosted an information session (including a video demonstration of a Chinese class for high school students at OSU) and lunch meeting for them on August 14. We hope all the visiting teachers will have an enjoyable experience in Ohio. We will be pleased to offer any support we could to help make their teaching and the school programs a success. If any visiting teacher needs help, please call us at 614-292-0460 or contact Kun Shi ( and Zhiwei Bi (

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The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program organized two-day workshops for current and new teachers of Chinese language on June 19 and 28. Fourteen teachers from across Ohio attended the workshops. The workshops were intended for high school teachers because most of the Chinese programs are at the high school level. The workshops were focused on an introduction to the performance-based pedagogy, an overview of the curriculum for high school students, Chinese: Communicating in the Culture (CCC), and a demonstration and practice of CCC class. The trainers included Yunxin Zhang, Eric Shepherd, Steve Knicely, Mari Noda, and Galal Walker, and organized by Zhiwei Bi and Kun Shi. The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program will continue to provide workshops and ongoing support to Chinese language teachers throughout Ohio. For more information about teacher training, please revisit Latest News and Events on our website or contact us.

The 14 teachers who attended the workshops are:

  • Chi-Hwa Yang, Beachwood High School, Beachwood/Cleveland
  • Ai Lan Lin, Mentor Middle-High School, Mentor
  • Hong Zhu, St. John’s Jesuit High School, Toledo
  • Pinpin Peng, Metro High School, Columbus
  • Peggy (Chia-Ling) Lee, Arts College Preparatory Academy, Columbus
  • Mike Kralovic, Gahanna-Lincoln High School, Gahanna
  • Nanping Wang, Beavercreek High School, Beavercreek/Dayton area
  • Qin Wang, Winton Woods Schools, Cincinnati
  • Muchun Li, Springfield High School, Holland/Toledo
  • April Li Huan Denofsky, Centerville High School, Centerville/Dayton
  • Maan Jiang Broadstock, Centerville High School, Centerville/Dayton
  • Amy Sterling, Dayton Christian School, Dayton
  • Dongjiang Cai, Village Academy, Columbus area
  • Dun Zhang, Dioceses of Columbus, Columbus

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The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program hosted a pre-interview meeting for school administrators to meet potential Chinese language teachers on April 16, 2007, at its office on 2941 Kenny Road, Suite 200, Columbus. Participants included 17 administrators from 10 schools/districts (mostly from outside of central Ohio) that want to hire Chinese language teachers, and 22 potential Chinese language teachers from the OSU Alternative Licensure Program. Three more schools that want to hire could not participate. Contact information for the hiring schools was distributed to all potential Chinese language teachers at OSU. If any school plans to hire a qualified Chinese language teacher, please contact Kun Shi at 614-292-0460 or

List of Ohio schools/districts planning to hire Chinese language teachers:

  • Beachwood City Schools, 24601 Fairmount Blvd., Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Diocese of Columbus, 197 E. Gay Street, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Gahanna-Jefferson Schools, 160 South Hamilton Road, Gahanna, OH 43230
  • Hubbard Exempted Village Schools, 150 Hall Avenue, Hubbard, OH 44425
  • John Hay High School, 2075 Stokes Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44106
  • Metro High School, 1929 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH 43210
  • Perry Public Schools, 4325 Manchester Ave., Perry, OH 44081
  • Solon High School, 33600 Inwood Drive, Solon, OH 44139
  • South Euclid Lyndhurst City Schools, 5044 Mayfield Road, Lyndhurst, OH 44124
  • Start High School, 2100 Tremainsville, Toledo, OH 43613
  • Sugarcreek Local Schools, 60 E. South Street, Bellbrook, OH 45305
  • Summit Country Day School, 2161 Grandin Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208
  • Winton Woods City Schools, 1215 W. Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240

Update: By August 2007, most of the schools/districts above have hired teachers from the Alternative Licensure Chinese Teacher Program.

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The annual conference of the Ohio Foreign Language Association (OFLA) will be held on April 3-5, 2008 in Cincinnati. The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program is preparing several presentations, and the National East Asian Languages Resource Center plans to display publications at the event.

Due to the fast growth of Chinese language programs in Ohio’s K-12 schools (from 17 schools/districts last school year to 47 in current school year), we encourage Chinese language teachers to attend the OFLA conference to network and learn from other educators. We are also planning to host a gathering for Chinese language teachers across Ohio and possibly help them create an organization for future professional development.

For registration and program information about the OFLA conference, please visit If you want to learn more about our plan for the gathering of Chinese language teachers during the OFLA conference, please contact Kun Shi at For more information about our presentations and event at the OFLA conference, please see the agenda.

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One of the objectives of the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program is to build model programs through partner schools. In October 2007, we reached agreements with three partner schools: Beachwood High School in the Cleveland area, Beavercreek High School in the Dayton area, and Metro High School in Columbus. For the school year 2008-09, we signed agreements with four more partner schools/districts. They are Polaris Career Center and Shaker Heights City Schools in the Cleveland area, and Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools and Diocese of Columbus schools in central Ohio. As part of the agreement, both sides plan to build the model programs by developing teacher training, performance-based curriculum, technology assisted learning, and connection with schools in Ohio as well as in China.

In addition to the partner schools, we provide support to any school in Ohio that operates or plans to start a Chinese language program. The photo below shows the OSU staff and representatives from the first three partner schools when they signed the agreement on October 1, 2007.

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To meet the needs of growing Chinese language programs in Ohio, the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program organized a one-day workshop for the Chinese language teachers in northern Ohio on March 19 at Beachwood Board of Education. Twenty teachers participated in the workshop, which was focused on the theme: “Creating Chinese Environment in the Classroom.” (For a report of the workshop, click here.) We organized two one-day teacher workshops last year, but this time the participants showed greater satisfaction as shown in their informal feedback and evaluation results. They all liked the performance-based pedagogy from OSU and showed special interest in the curricula being developed by OSU. The workshop trainers are Yongfang Zhang from University of Akron and Patrick McAloon of OSU.

We are planning another one-day teacher development workshop in late May for Chinese language teachers in central and southern Ohio, and the specific information will be available soon. For more information, please contact Kun Shi.

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Ohio has witnessed tremendous progress in K-12 Chinese language programs over the past year. We now have 50 schools/districts operating Chinese programs, with almost 60 teachers of Chinese. In order to help these teachers better connected and provide more support, the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program has worked hard to help establish the Ohio Association of Teachers of Chinese (OATC). In March, we invited 13 teachers of Chinese to form a planning committee to review the OATC bylaws. Nanping Wang (Beavercreek High School) was recommended to serve as the committee chair, and Jeannine Subisak (Columbus Academy) as the secretary. At the recent Ohio Foreign Language Association conference on April 4, we organized an event to announce the beginning process of OATC.

Recently we sent an open letter to all teachers of Chinese in Ohio schools to invite them to become OATC members and vote for the first term of OATC officers. We should have an operational OATC by the end of this school year. (For the open letter, OATC bylaws and membership form, please click here.) The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program will provide a supporting role to OATC in sharing resources and sponsoring annual OATC meeting.

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The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program and Ohio Department of Education are planning for the third annual K-12 Chinese conference on December 16, 2008. The conference will be for half a day (9:00am—1:00pm) and located at Hagerty Hall on the OSU campus. The conference theme will continue to be “Making the Global Connection: Linking Students and China in the 21st Century.” In addition to the General Session with invited speakers, there will be three break-out sessions: Track A for schools planning to start Chinese programs; Track B for schools with established programs; and Track C for in-service opportunities for current teachers of Chinese. This year, the focus is on program improvement and maintenance because of the fast growth of programs across Ohio. The conference will be co-sponsored by the Ohio Teachers of Chinese (OATC), Miami University Confucius Institute, and the OSU National East Asian Languages Resource Center. For more information and to register online, click here.

To view or download the agenda, click here.

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Together with the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program, OATC is planning on several activities in the next few months. The plan includes a professional development workshop during the OSU-ODE conference on December 16, 2008 (on OSU campus); OATC annual meeting and professional development during the Ohio Foreign Language Association conference on April 4, 2009 (in Columbus); and creating a web share folder at the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program website for teachers to share resources. For more information about OATC and its plan, please click here. To share your resources with other teachers or learn from others, please go to the share folder at (Contact or for username and password to access the share folder, if you do not have them.) Your participation and feedback about the share folder is important and appreciated.

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The StarTalk award for the OSU Chinese Immersion Summer Day Camps finally came through, and the fun begins to recruit students, teachers and peer mentors! This year’s Summer Day Camps will operate on June 17-30 in four metro areas: Cleveland (in Shaker Heights High School), Columbus (in Metro High School), Dayton (in Miami Valley School), and Cincinnati (TBD). The teachers will receive three-day training on June 12-14 and peer mentor one-day training on June 14. Our 2008 Summer Day Camps in the first three cities were successful (for reports, click here), and we hope to have a greater success this year.

This year’s Summer Day Camps will recruit a total of 90 students in grades 6-12. They will be supported by three teachers and five peer mentors at each camp. The application forms were sent to teachers and school administrators, and they are posted below for you to download and complete for submission. Please note that priority will be given to applicants whose Application and Reference Forms are received on or before May 14 (Thursday), 2009. Because this year’s StarTalk award is delayed, we will have to rush the process to recruit teachers, peer mentors and students. Thank you for your understanding. For more information, please click here and contact Kun Shi.

For reports at Erie Chinese Journal, click here

Application and Reference Forms for Students

Application and Reference Forms for Teachers

Application and Reference Forms for Peer Mentors

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The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program conducted the sixth teacher development workshop on April 18, 2009, at Metro High School in Columbus. This is by far the best attended workshop, with 54 teachers coming from K-12 schools across Ohio.

In addition to the trainers such as Yongfang Zhang and Huanzhen Zhao, we had ten teachers sharing teaching strategies at the workshop. The teacher participants provided positive feedback of the workshop, particularly about the strategy sharing among teachers. Some of the presentations are provided below, and all presenters with their emails are listed in the workshop agenda below. For a report of the workshop on Erie Chinese Journal, click here.

Agenda of the workshop and presenters with emails.

Presentation by Yongfang Zhang: Performance-based Instruction

Presentation by Lingling Nian: Picture Clues in Teaching

Presentation by Amanda Lin: Smart Board Games

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The Ohio State University K-12 Chinese Flagship Program, The Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction, and the Ohio Association of Teachers of Chinese (OATC) are pleased to announce the fourth annual symposium for district and school decision-makers and Chinese language teachers interested in developing, expanding or sustaining Mandarin Chinese language programs. The theme of the symposium continues to be “Making the Global Connection: Linking Students and China in the 21st Century.”

The event will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009. It will be held in Columbus on the campus of The Ohio State University in the Mendenhall Laboratory Building (building #054 on the OSU campus map), located at 125 S. Oval Mall, Columbus. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. next door in the lobby of Hagerty Hall (building #037), located at 1775 College Rd., Columbus. The symposium will begin promptly at 9 a.m. and will conclude at 2 p.m.

The event will begin with a short plenary session for all participants. Ellis Yan, CEO of Ohio-based TCP, Inc., will provide the keynote address. His remarks will provide a business perspective on the relationship between Ohio’s economy and the study of Chinese language and culture. Afterwards, participants will attend one of three breakout sessions:

  • Track A will address the needs of schools seeking information and options for initiating and staffing K-12 Chinese programs. Information about the ODE-College Board Chinese Guest Teacher Program will be provided.
  • Track B will address the needs of schools with established Chinese programs. Please note that this session has been completely reworked for last year’s symposium and will provide new information and resource possibilities for those who attend.
  • Track C will provide professional development and networking opportunities for classroom teachers of Chinese

The symposium will conclude with a networking session that will be designed to allow schools and districts to share the challenges they have faced in establishing their Chinese programs, what they are doing programmatically, and what resources they are using.

Superintendents, principals, curriculum coordinators, foreign language coordinators and K-12 Chinese language teachers are all encouraged to attend this event to learn more about Chinese language programming in Ohio.

There is no cost to attend the symposium, although parking will be the responsibility of participants. Please note that light snacks will be available during a brief break between sessions at the noon hour, but a formal break for lunch is not included in this year’s program. Participants are welcome to brownbag their own lunches if they wish. A map and list of nearby restaurants where participants may want to eat immediately following the conference will be included in each participant’s conference packet.

Participants will need to pre-register. Conference attendance will be limited to the first 220 registrants. Registration opens on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009, and will close on Friday, Dec. 4, 2009. To register, click on this link:

If you have questions about this event or require assistance with registration once the link becomes active, please contact Teresa Cole at or (614) 387-2215. If you have other questions related to the event, please contact Kun Shi at

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Ohio Association of Teachers of Chinese (OATC) started the 2009-10 school year with newly elected officers: Jeannine Subisak (President), Grace Paul (VP), Xiaoli (Shirley) Doty (Secretary), Michael Kralovic (Treasurer), and Maan J. Broadstock (Technology). They are dedicated to providing support to all K-12 teachers of Chinese, and the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program is pleased to be a partner. OATC has set up a Google Group email system for teachers to network and share resources. Please sign up the Google Group at

OATC has organized two regional meetings: one in Dayton/Cincinnati area on September 26 (coordinators Nanping Wang and Peggy Lovry) and one in Columbus area on October 10 (coordinators Jeannine Subisak and Xiaoli Doty). The Northern Ohio regional meeting will be held by in December. A copy of the Columbus regional meeting minutes is available here. If you have questions regarding OATC or its regional meetings, please contact Jeannine Subisak at

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The Ohio State University is well known for its teacher training programs, particularly in training Chinese language teachers. In the past three years, it operated three year-long Chinese teacher licensure programs (36 graduate credits) that produced four dozen teachers, most of whom have obtained Ohio license to teach Chinese. Each year in the last decade, it has offered seven-week summer institute (15 graduate credits) to train college and K-12 Chinese language teachers. (More information is available at The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program provides quarterly in-service training for teachers currently working in K-12 schools in Ohio.

Because of OSU’s strength in “performed culture” pedagogical training and the success of the Chinese Flagship Programs, we got support from Hanban (Chinese Language Council International) to provide a 2.5-week summer institute focused on pedagogical training for professors from 18 universities across China. The training was conducted in July 2009 at a beachside facility of Qingdao. The training plan was designed by Dr. Eric Shepherd from the University of South Florida and Kun Shi of the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program. The training team was led by Dr. Shepherd, and included Dr. Yongfang Zhang of the University of Akron and Ms. Hui Li of OSU. Ten high school students were recruited (mainly from Metro and Gahanna-Lincoln High Schools) for demo teaching at the “training of trainers” summer institute. The chaperones were Lisa Floyd-Jefferson and Peggy Lovro. The whole project was coordinated by Kun Shi of the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program and ZHAO Yanqing of Hanban’s Division of Teachers through Wuzhou Chinese Education Technology Company.

All teacher participants highly praised the summer institute, and all student participants enjoyed their China study experience. Personal testimonies and photos about the study trip are available here. We expect to provide similar training in 2010. For a report at Erie Chinese Journal, click here. Please contact Kun Shi ( if you have questions.

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The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program formed its Advisory Board in the past summer. The current board has 11 members from business, education and government sectors. After careful planning, the first Advisory Board meeting was held on December 1 at Blackwell Inn on OSU campus. The purpose of the meeting is to review the status of K-12 Chinese in Ohio and seek inputs from the board members to improve our strategic planning.

The attending board members are Donna Nesbitt (Ohio Department of Education), Richard Petrick (Ohio Board of Regents), Deborah Scherer (Ohio Department of Development), Ellis Yan (TCP, Inc., represented by Weiying Sui), Kimberly Kirkendall (China Resources Network), Yu-Lan Lin (Boston Public Schools and CLASS), Hank Langhals (Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools), and Brad Mitchell (OSU-Battelle STEM Education). Absent members are: James Paces (Shaker Heights Schools), Randi Smith (Vice Provost of OSU), and Anthony Yen (Tenax Corporation).

The Advisory Board meeting started at 11:00am, with welcome and opening remarks from Galal Walker, director of the OSU Chinese Flagship Center. “The Current Status of K-12 Chinese in Ohio” was then presented by Galal Walker and Kun Shi. During lunch hour, Chris Stellato (an OSU Flagship graduate) gave a performance of traditional Chinese kuaiban (rhythmic monolog) that impressed everyone, including the native speakers. In the afternoon hour, Jane Ensign (administrator at Metro High School) moderated a discussion on strategic planning, including program enhancement and raising funds in addition to the federal funding that supports the program at present. Highlights of the photos are below.

The OSU Chinese Flagship staff present at the meeting are: Galal Walker, Kun Shi, Sunny Zong, Patrick McAloon, Jun Liu, Huanzhen Zhao and Kara Babb. Participants also include Dr. Mari Noda, chair of the OSU Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, and Margo Wolanin, director of Development of the OSU College of Arts and Sciences. For more information about the Advisory Board and the strategic planning, please contact Kara Babb ( or Kun Shi (

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The fourth annual symposium on K-12 Chinese was successfully hosted by The Ohio State University (OSU) K-12 Chinese Flagship Program and Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) Office of Curriculum and Instruction on December 15, 2009 on OSU campus. The event was co-sponsored by the Ohio Association of Teachers of Chinese (OATC) and the OSU National East Asian Languages Resource Center (NEALRC). The theme of the symposium continues to be “Making the Global Connection: Linking Students and China in the 21st Century,” with more attention given to program sustainment and teacher development this year.

Nearly 200 people attended the symposium, mostly school/district administrators, foreign language coordinators, school board members and Chinese language teachers. Preliminary evaluation feedback indicates great satisfaction with the informative sessions helpful to Chinese programming.

The event began with a welcome from Galal Walker and plenary session for all participants. Ellis Yan, CEO of the Ohio-based TCP, Inc., delivered the videotaped keynote address because of his business trip to China. His remarks provided unique perspectives on global business and its relationship with learning Chinese language and culture. This year, we had an administrator (Carl Metzger of Marion Local Schools) and a high school student (Zunera Syed of Columbus Metro High School) sharing their experience on maintaining Chinese program and learning Chinese. Then, three Metro High School students performed a skit of a chemistry class in Chinese. The plenary session participants were excited by a kuaiban (fast clapper) story telling performed by Chris Stellato, an OSU Chinese Flagship graduate. Galal Walker and Kun Shi presented the Teaching Excellence Award to two dedicated teachers of Chinese: Jeannine Subisak (Columbus Academy) and Peggy Liu Lovro (Indian Hills High School). Afterwards, participants attended one of three breakout sessions below:

  • Track A addressed the needs of schools seeking information and options for initiating and staffing K-12 Chinese programs.
  • Track B addressed the needs of schools with established Chinese programs to sustain and improve their programs.
  • Track C provided professional development and networking opportunities for teachers of Chinese (more than sixty attended this year).

The symposium concluded with a networking session that allowed schools and districts to share the challenges as well as resources/solutions in starting and maintaining Chinese programs. Connection was made between school administrators who were planning to hire and qualified teachers of Chinese seeking jobs. For more information about the symposium agenda, please click here. Photos and presentation outlines are provided below.

The symposium was coordinated by Ryan Wertz of ODE and Kun Shi of OSU, assisted by the staff of OSU, ODE, OATC and NEALRC. Funding for the event comes from the OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program, assisted by the OSU and ODE staff. For more information about the event, please contact Kun Shi at

For symposium photos, please click here

To download symposium presentation outlines, please click here.

For a video of the traditional Chinese kuaiban performed by Chris Stellato, click here (right click on movie and choose "Save As Quicktime Movie")

For a report at Erie Chinese Journal, click here

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At the upcoming Ohio Foreign Language Association (OFLA) conference, both the OSU Chinese Flagship Program and Ohio Association of Teachers of Chinese (OATC) will have events on April 9-10, 2010. All teachers and administrators are welcome to attend.

  • OSU will have a booth to showcase the Chinese Flagship Programs from K-12 through graduate level; and host a presentation by Dr. Patrick McAloon and Kun Shi on “Connecting the Pipeline: Articulating K-12 and College Chinese Programs” (Friday, 4/9/2010, 11:30am-12:20pm; Executive AB in Hyatt on Capital Square)
  • OATC will organize three sessions on Saturday, April 10, all in Room Executive C: Membership Meeting at 9:00-9:50am; Swapshop at 10:30-11:20am; and Presentations at 1:10-2:00pm. (Please contact OATC if you have something to share with other teachers of Chinese.)

For more information about the OFLA conference and registration, click here. For more information about OATC and its events, please contact Jeannine Subisak and Xiaoli Doty.

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