Curriculum Development

Curriculum development is based on research in age-appropriate language use in Mandarin Chinese and the content standards proposed by CLASS (Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools) and the Ohio Department of Education. Progress through the curriculum will be based on student performance of effective communication in Chinese. Curricular resources will be designed to allow multi-point access to Chinese language study for K-12 students.

High school curriculum meeting Curriculum meeting

Every beginning student will first focus on listening and speaking skills, and then move on to reading and writing. Writing will start with computer-based composition before focusing on handwriting and the aesthetics of penmanship. As Chinese language skills develop to the level of permitting an academic focus, the content focus will be on mathematics and natural sciences. Instruction will be delivered through multimedia emphasizing aural, oral, and visual sources before focusing attention on print.

The OSU National East Asian Languages Resource Center (NEALRC) has developed a comprehensive curriculum for Chinese beginners, including a set of textbooks and audio-visual material, entitled Chinese: Communicating in the Culture. The authors are Galal Walker and Yong Lang. For more information about this learning material and how to order it, please contact Lauren Barrett (614-292-3838 or, Distribution Manager of NEALRC.

Chinese: Communicating in the Culture vol.1 (2004) Chinese: Communicating in the Culture vol.2 (2005) Chinese: Communicating in the Culture vol.3 (2006)

Covers of volumes 1-3 of Chinese: Communicating in the Culture

Chinese: Communicating in the Culture is suitable for grade 9-12 students, and we are developing a corresponding set of lesson plans for teachers. CCC lesson plans are available for free download via our Resources Page.The curriculum includes performance textbooks, audio material, and interactive multimedia DVD. The parallel interactive DVD is an innovative, practical, learner-friendly language learning tool which includes numerous audio and video clips, illustrations, and interactive games and exercises. Compared with traditional textbooks, multimedia technologies are used to aid the language learning much more effectively by providing enormous opportunities to practice language usage with various interactive functions. The program is also designed to facilitate individualized learning.

The curriculum of Chinese: Communicating in the Culture is designed to encourage Chinese learning in the way that is natural to Chinese people. Students will learn to perform roles in conversations and to practice the spoken expressions and cultural moves that were introduced. The curriculum is used by several high schools in Ohio, the Ohio Regents’ Chinese Academy, and the OSU distance learning program.

DVD interface: Chinese: Communicating in the Culture (2006)

DVD interface: Chinese: Communicating in the Culture (2006)

In addition to the current 9-12 curriculum which starts from the beginning level, we are also developing a second track of curriculum for Kindergarteners through 12th graders. This curriculum is based on proficiency instead of grade levels. It is designed as instructional kits with lesson plans, props, and audio-visual material. The first level of this curriculum has been developed and is being piloted among K-1 students. For more information, please Contact us.