About us

The OSU K-12 Chinese Flagship Program started in October 2006 and is a part of the Chinese Flagship Program funded by the National Security Education Program. It is under the leadership of Dr. Galal Walker (walker.17@osu.edu), Director of the OSU Chinese Flagship Center, with fiscal management by Sunny Zong.

The K-12 Chinese Flagship Program includes the following staff and program teams. The program priority for teacher professional development involves coordination of the K-12 program staff and experts from other OSU institutions.

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Our Staff

Christopher Farrar, Ph.D. (farrar.44@osu.edu), (614) 292-0460
Assistant Director
Zhiwei Bi (bi.2@osu.edu), (614) 292-2692
Curriculum Specialist
Huanzhen Zhao (zhao.131@osu.edu), (614) 247-8717
Multimedia Developer
Hanning Chen (chen.730@osu.edu), (614) 292-8930
Distance Learning Coordinator
Nan Meng (meng.25@osu.edu), (614) 292-0577
Curriculum Team

(614) 292-2692
(614) 247-8717

Zhiwei Bi
Hui Li
Na Li
Nan Meng
Andrew Perry
Xizhen Qin
Kathryn Nute
Huanzhen Zhao
Technology Team

(614) 247-8862

Hanning Chen
Trinity Shi
Corporate Relations

(614) 292-0460
(614) 292-0577

Kara Babb
Christopher Farrar, Ph.D.